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The floor plans indicate that Parc Riviera floorplans are flat with no wastage of space. Additionally, there are no bizarre corners that doesn’t permit the owner to fully utilise the space available.

The floorplans also note that buyers are more concerned regarding the space of the bedroom as there are more buyers now who favor to more ample bedroom to rest or to put a study table in. Parc Riviera use it by making at the expense of balconies. The living rooms are also very size such that there is enough space to accommodate a sizable TV display.

Distance between blocks for Parc Riviera are also excellent due to no space constraint. The developer comprehends that EL Development has to reach a balance between allocating a more dense development against honoring the privacy of each and every buyer and has worked meticulously with its architects and designers. Therefore, the individual blocks are facing communal facilities giving buyers more demand within their seclusion or and units in Parc Riviera are set such that they’re confronting the unblock viewpoint.

Parc Riviera consist of 3,4,5 bedroom units available. Commonly, there are 2 kinds of confronting. As an overall guide, units 6th floor and above are able to get a view that is unblock.

The draft layouts for the floorplans for Parc Riviera demonstrates that there’s considerable living room space as well as space for the bedrooms. Many buyers are now doubtful about useable space as some developers are planning for smaller units so the complete square feet of the development remains modest and hence more affordable.

Yet, Parc Riviera has done some careful planning by lessening the space for balconies which are seldom used for more room in the living area together with the bedrooms. The kitchens are also marginally smaller as Singaporeans that are less cook nowadays and in order that it is’t an essential to get much space. More space is given to the living space when the family will spend more time together in addition to the bedrooms.

Parc Riviera Pre-launch viewing is strictly by invitation only and this is an exclusive invitation extended to interested parties before our main launch. All purchasers will benefit from the Priority Unit Selection & Attractive Discounts from Developer.

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